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Technology Investments


iCare Tonometer IC-200

No more traumatic puffs of air, we've got the latest IOP testing device from Finland to get fast and accurate eye pressure readings in a blink of an eye


Heine Omega-500 Binocular Indirect 

Quality diagnotic equipment made in Germany delivering an unique “Synchronized Adjustment of Convergence and Parallax” for high quality, stereoscopic retinal evaluations through any pupil size


Hai Laboratory SL-5000h

No more squishing your body to fit in the chin-rest of the traditional slit-lamp torture device, this handheld technology accommodates you, with 0-12mm continuous adjustable slit beam widths and 0.2mm to 12 mm slit apertures to help magnify the faintest anterior chamber reaction for a painless and accurate diagnosis


Heine Beta 200 Diagnostic Kit

In the skilled hands of our clinicians, we are able to quickly estimate your refractive error and get you to your best optical correction

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